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Online Childbirth Educator Certification

Our online course provides a comprehensive childbirth education online class that prepares you to educate expectant parents within 90 days.

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Enroll For The GentleBirth Instructor Course

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Complete Gentlebirth Instructor Course

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Enroll in our business class
and jump start your business

Who is behind GentleBirth?

GentleBirth was founded by Tracy Donegan in 2006 with one mission; to improve the physical and mental well-being of expectant parents using evidence-informed brain science, birth science, and, technology. Our goal continues to be the empowerment of expecting parents to rise above any challenge by educating them about the range of nonpharmacological pain and stress management options available to them, in addition to the practical steps they can take to receive the support, comfort, and care they need to have a positive birth experience. Our evidence-based toolkit includes mindfulness and compassion training, hypnosis, and daily intentional brain training activities to support mental health, improve birth outcomes and increase breastfeeding self-efficacy.

A photograph of Tracy Donegan

Tracy Donegan, RM is a medically trained midwife, published author and positive birth expert. Born in Ireland, Tracy has lived and worked on three continents and currently lives in Texas with her husband and two boys. She is the Founder and President of GentleBirth, an award winning smartphone app that combines brain science, birth science and technology to empower positive birth experiences through birth preparation. Tracy is a popular guest speaker at conferences around the world on topics such as Mindfulness for Maternal and Infant Wellbeing and is at the forefront of the global positive birth movement.

What are the benefits for Expectant Mothers GentleBirth's approach?


Here is a list of our main benefits of our approach :

  • Increase physiological birth rates and reduce birth trauma in your community

  • Inclusive approach for all birth preferences (medicated and unmedicated)

  • Prepare parents with a skill set for emotional wellness for birth and beyond

  • Proven methods to reduce pain perception and stress in labor

  • Reduce the chances of C-Section by using The Birth Sling.

  • Daily training is provided to parents via the award-winning GentleBirth App

Learn how to provide a positive birth experience

The GentleBirth instructor masterclass is designed to give professionals the tools and knowledge needed to effectively teach the GentleBirth method. Our program includes a combination of live lectures and virtual workshops emphasizing quality instruction of birthing practices that are safe, enjoyable, and free from fear or pain. We help our instructors learn how to build trust between themselves, their students, and the practice so they can ensure optimal outcomes.

With this course, you’ll be equipped with evidence-based techniques, empowering language skills, and interactive activities for an effective learning environment. You’ll have everything you need in order to provide infants with a beautiful birth experience!

Make A Positive Impact

For Yourself

  • Help parents use mindfulness techniques to remain calm in stressful situations

  • Help parents be mentally present and apply the same lessons to your practice

  • Learn techniques to avoid burnout and increase focus

  • Remember that all care begins with self-care

For Clients

  • Use brain-based training to guide new moms to have the best outcome possible

  • Empower your clients to make their own decisions about their emotional state in preparation for birth

  • Help families translate knowledge into practice, before, during, and after the birth of their baby


What do our instructors have to say about GentleBirth?

We help find clients and grow your business

At GentleBirth, we understand that success for childbirth instructors means being accessible and available to expectant parents. That's why we offer a range of tools and resources to help you connect with your clients anytime, anywhere. Our extensive networking, social media, and mobile apps make it easy for parents to find and message you directly. By partnering with GentleBirth, you can leverage our platform to showcase your skills, knowledge, and expertise to a wide audience. Our goal is to help you build your business, expand your reach, and make a positive impact on the lives of families everywhere.

Social Media

We show case your profile in our social media channels with over 90k+ followers

Professional Website

We create a professional website for people to find you and hire you

Parents are asking where to find you and our problem is that we do not have enough instructors, help us!


See A Preview of Instructor Masterclass below

Not satisfied?

No questions asked. Just email us and we will issue a refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Make A Positive Impact

Comparison Shopping

We want to provide you the information to make your final decision. Ultimately, people that are passionate about GentleBirth's approach and will an active member of our community. Take a look at the articles below!


GentleBirth Vs Hypnobabies


GentleBirth Vs Mongan Method


GentleBirth Vs Positive Birth Company


GentleBirth vs Lamaze

Ready to Get Started?


It's been the most rewarding course I've ever done. I have taken several online, and this was the best by far.   – Stacey Bartlett


I found the training very transformative for my own personal learning and growth, especially the Mindfullness Modules. I very much appreciate Tracy's style of communication, which was exceptionally non-judmental and encouraging–while providing a wealth of knowledge and information.   – Summer Killingsworth


Do you offer scholarships?

Yes - please contact us at for more details.

Is this training recognized around the world?

Yes - our online training has received accreditation from the RCM (Royal College of Midwives).

Is the GentleBirth App free during my training?

Yes the GentleBirth app is provided at no charge to our learners and Certified Instructors. Simply email us at to request it once you are a certified instructor.

Are there CEUs available for professional development?

Yes - 14 CEUs are available for DONA International recertification requirements.

Are there any additional fees to complete my certification? Are there renewal fees?

There are 0 fees after your initial purchase. We update the course constantly. Our recommendation is that if you have not been teaching 3 years, to retake the course.

I don’t have a medical background - can I still train as a GentleBirth Educator?

Yes! Many of our educators don’t have a medical background - they’ve experienced the power of GentleBirth themselves and decided to train as GentleBirth Instructors to share their love of positive birth in their communities.

How long do I have to complete the training and how long does it usually take?

As of 2023, learners have 6 months to complete full certification. Most students finish in 8-10 weeks.

You can download our prospectus by downloading the pdf below.


Are there any geographical restrictions?


Once I have completed certification, will I have access to the training materials?

Educators have three months after certification to access all training content if you are premium subscriber for our marketplace you will continue to have access without restrictions. 

Can I teach live online classes and in person?

Yes, you can teach online and in person. The classes should be named "GentleBirth with {{Insert your name here}}"

Can I record my GentleBirth class and sell it online?

Of course.  We have a 15% licensing fee for every sale. You must contact us and get formal approval and a contract with us to make sure the quality of the content and branding is up to our standards.

Do I have to design my own materials to deliver my classes?
No. We want our Educators to hit the ground running and focus on delivering quality classes instead of worrying about designing PowerPoint slides. GentleBirth provides Educators with a professionally designed, inclusive Prezi presentation with videos embedded.

Do I have to create my own marketing materials? Will GentleBirth help me promote my classes?
You can, but the GentleBirth team has already created a selection of posters, postcards, and brochures that you have immediate access to upon certification. In addition, we have entire workshop materials so you are ready as soon as you complete the course.
I cannot stress enough how important is to communicate with us often and figure out how we can help you increase the success of your practice.
Contact us at

Who sets the prices for classes?

Educators set their own pricing. We recommend taking our business development class and having meetings with our CEO about your business strategy. To obtain that please email and request it.

Can I teach private classes instead of groups?

Yes. Many of our Educators start out teaching private classes and grow their classes as their confidence grows.

Are you allowed to say GentleBirth or blended class?

You are allowed to add additional topics to the curriculum but not subtract from it if you wish to call it to advertise it as a GentleBirth class. You are also allowed to create any additional resources to help you teach the subjects covered.

I have a young family and can't commit to teaching weekday evenings. What other options are available to me?
One of the many advantages of teaching GentleBirth is its flexibility for Educators. Over the years our Educators have taught both 5-week classes and weekend workshops with no difference in birth outcomes. Parents who preferred an intensive weekend workshop were able to find a structure that worked for their lifestyle, and those who wanted weekly classes had other options. We want you to be successful, and we know how difficult it can be to find a balance between family and birth work

Any suggested readings?

Introductory books

Brain Training 


  • Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing

  • Breast Feeding

  • The womanly art of Breastfeeding 

  • Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers.

I have more questions who can I speak to?
Email, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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