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Modern Childbirth Education

The course every mother and father should take for a Positive Birth

About This Course

The GentleBirth masterclass is here to help you prepare for a positive birth, whatever that means for you. Using a combination of birth science, brain science and sports psychology, our training guides you through pregnancy, birth, and post partum, with the goal of keeping stress to a minimum. 

About Tracy

Founder Tracy Donegan is a midwife, mom, author and international speaker on positive birth. For over 12 years the award-winning GentleBirth program has empowered parents around the world to prepare for the best birth possible.

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Preparing for Birth With Brain Science

An image of a brain scan

Physical Benefits

  • Preparing for a Positive Birth

  • Signs & Stages of Labor

  • Positions for Labor & Birth

  • Birth Partner Tips

  • Breastfeeding 

  • Acupuncture for Labor

Mental Benefits

  • Feel prepared for birth

  • Medication and Pain Management

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Mindfulness

Overall Health Benefits

  • Sport Psychology & Mindset

  • Decision Making

  • Brain Science

  • Immediate Post Partum

What else is in the course?

Upright Birth Positioning
with Dr. Jess Michaels

A woman massing a pregnant woman

Learn about upright birth positioning with The Birth Sling. Invented by Dr. Jess Michaels, The Birth Sling allows for upright labor and rest in multiple upright positions. Studies have shown that upright birthing leads to shorter, less painful labor.

GentleBirth App and the course go hand in hand

A photo of the GentleBirth mobile app
Photo of journey portion of the GentleBirth mobile app.
A photo of the GentleBirth mobile app playing Relaxing Breath track.

The GentleBirth application is the perfect companion for the masterclass (sold separately). We are confident in the course content click here for the free preview.

After selecting the pregnancy and birth journey that's right for you, you will receive daily mindfulness training exercises that focus on keeping stress low and helping you feel prepared for the birth of your baby. Post partum content continues throughout the first year of your baby’s life to support your emotional wellness during the challenging months of this life transition

I'm excited to share with you a new approach to breastfeeding that I think you'll love. It's called Biological Nurturing, and it's all about making breastfeeding a more enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

Essentially, with Biological Nurturing, you can lean back and let your baby rest on top of you. This way, every part of your baby's body can touch you or the surrounding environment. It's a more natural way of breastfeeding that can reduce latching problems and help you and your baby bond even more. And as part of your masterclass, we're providing complimentary access to this course as well!

Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daughters

Our Success Stories

Testimonials For GentleBirth

Testimonials For GentleBirth

Testimonials For GentleBirth
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GentleBirth with Deb

GentleBirth with Deb

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Stan + Marcia's GentleBirth | Post Birth Reflection

Stan + Marcia's GentleBirth | Post Birth Reflection

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Lydia's Experiences with GentleBirth

Lydia's Experiences with GentleBirth

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