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A Reboso Sling 

The perfect companion for maternity labor to reduce the chances of a C-section

Why should I use The Birth Sling?

Increasing evidence shows that upright labor positions such as kneeling, squatting, or standing help reduce the risks of a C-section by 25%Modern birth practices promote horizontal positions during labor, which works against gravity and makes contractions less effective. This can lead to longer labor, greater pain, more interventions, and higher risks for a C-section.

For centuries, women used to give birth in upright positions with the use of ropes and trees to get support. Indigenous women all over the world still have their babies this way. The Birth Sling is a new take on this ancient birth tool, helping you gain comfort, strength, and stability–all contributing to an easier and faster labor.

Woman in birth sling

Choose what feels natural to you

No matter where you choose to give birth, The Birth Sling supports whatever upright position makes you feel comfortable during your labor. Whether above a birthing bed, in conjunction with a birth ball, in a birth pool, or just on your own, The Birth Sling can help you move freely and do what feels natural.

Benefits of Exercising with The Birth Sling


Your body

  • Reduce backaches

  • Reduce constipation

  • Reduce bloating

  • Reduce swelling

  • Promote muscle tone


Your mind

  • Boost your mood

  • Increase energy level

  • Improve sleep

Woman getting ultrasound

Your health

  • Reduced risk of c-section

  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes

  • Shorten labor

Money back guarantee

Start your journey with The Birth Sling

Make it a great addition to your birth tools. 

Learn all the different ways you can safely use it. 

Having a community is important and fun! Join us.


Is it ok to exercise during pregnancy?

Consult a physician or health care provider for your individual recommendation.

Am I an appropriate candidate for The Birth Sling?  

It is recommended that anyone using The Birth Sling must:

  • Have a steady gait

  • Be able to call for assistance if needed

  • Be able to support oneself without injury

Do not use The Birth Sling if you have:​

  • Any condition requiring bed rest

  • Unstable blood pressure, balance, and/or mentation 

  • Ruptured membranes without engagement of fetal head

What is The Birth Sling made out of?

Nylon tricot fabric

What is the load-bearing capacity?

440 pounds

woman in birth sling

How do I hang The Birth Sling?  

The Birth Sling comes with two hanging options:

  • The door anchor can be used with most standard doors. Note: Ensure your door has the appropriate load-bearing capacity.

  • The beam or branch anchor allows you to hang The Birth Sling over any exposed beam, through a ceiling mount (sold separately), or over a sturdy tree branch for those that would like to labor outside.

How do I wash The Reboso Sling?

​Wash at a low temperature in a washing machine or handwash using modern laundry detergents that are able to produce hygienic laundry without the use of chlorine bleach. Using a laundry bag is recommended to protect hardware from damage. Air dry. Note: Slings that are grossly contaminated with blood or bodily fluids should be discarded and considered biohazard waste. 

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