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Childbirth Education

Your Comprehensive Guide to a Positive Birth

Our Success Stories

Testimonials For GentleBirth

Testimonials For GentleBirth

Testimonials For GentleBirth
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GentleBirth with Deb

GentleBirth with Deb

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Stan + Marcia's GentleBirth | Post Birth Reflection

Stan + Marcia's GentleBirth | Post Birth Reflection

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Lydia's Experiences with GentleBirth

Lydia's Experiences with GentleBirth

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Start Your Journey With The Birth Sling

Our simple and safe tool helps you stay active in your late pregnancy and during your labor.

Stay active. Minimize your odds for a C-Section.

Everything is easier in an upright position. Decrease your chances to experience a longer labor that leads to greater pain, more interventions, and higher risks to end up with a C-Section.

Birth Sling FAQs

Is it ok to exercise during pregnancy?

  • Consult a physician or health care provider for your individual recommendation. 

What is the load bearing capacity?

  • Answer: 200kg or 440.92 LB

How do I hang The Birth Sling?  

The Birth Sling comes with two hanging options.

  • The door anchor – which can be used with most standard doors.

  • The beam or Branch anchor – This allows you to hang The Birth Sling over any exposed beam, through a ceiling mount (sold separately)  or over a sturdy tree branch for those that would like to labour outside. 

Am I an appropriate candidate for The Birth Sling?  

It is recommended that anyone using The Birth Sling must:

  • Have a steady gait

  • Able to call for assistance if needed

  • Be able to support herself without injury

What is The Birth Sling made out of ?

Nylon Tricot fabric

Contraindications for use of The Birth Sling? 

  • Ruptured membranes without engagement of fetal head

  • Unstable blood pressure, balance and/or mentation 

  • Any condition requiring bedrest

How do I wash the Birth Sling?

  • The Birth Sling is recommended to be washed in low-temperature machine or hand wash using modern laundry detergents (i.e. Ecolab Flexylite & Advacare or equivalent) that are able to produce hygienically clean laundry without the presence of chlorine bleach. Using a laundry bag is also recommended to ensure the hardware doesn’t become tangled and/or damaged.

  • The Birth Sling should be air dried. 

  • Birth slings that are grossly contaminated with blood or bodily fluids should be discarded and considered biohazard waste regardless of persons infectious status. Grossly contaminated: saturated, dripping, caked with blood or bodily fluid, has the potential to release blood or other potentially infectious materials if compressed, or can flake off during handling. 

You deserve to choose what feels natural to you.

No matter where you choose to give birth.
The Birth Sling supports whatever upright position makes you feel comfortable during your labor, without restrictions.

Either above a birthing bed, in conjunction with a birth ball, in a birth pool, or just on your own, with The Birth Sling you can move freely and choose what feels natural to you.


What else is in the course?

Upright Birth Positioning
By Dr. Jess Michaels


As a fiercely driven individual I have experienced success across a diverse range of professions. Having worked as a performing artist and in brand ambassador roles for over 10 years in 2012 I went in search of new challenges.

By 2015 I had completed a Clinical Science Degree, Majoring in human Structure and Function and in 2017 I completed my Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine. I have been working as an Osteopath in Northern NSW. I have built a successful multi-modality health clinic here.

I have a passion for learning new skills and a keen interest in the medical device industry after spending time observing orthopedic spinal surgery.


As Seen On TV

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The GentleBirth app is free with the course.

Common Challenges for New Parents

Birth And Parenting

Becoming a parent is one of the most stressful  life events experienced by an adult. It impacts the  physical, mental and emotional health of the  mother, baby and her partner.



A stressful pregnancy and negative birth  

experience impacts the whole family, and have  lasting repercussions post-pregnancy. 

Care providers are limited in their ability to  provide ongoing support for emotional wellbeing  in pregnancy and the postpartum period. 


Reliable Sources

An overwhelming amount of information is
available with the internet, and a lack of accuracy
and clarity prevents parents from making
informed decisions about their care.

Welcome to GentleBirth!

"At GentleBirth, it is our philosophy that a positive birth comes in many forms and is defined by you. Not your best friend, your mom, or even your OB. GentleBirth is inclusive of all birth experiences, not just natural, unmedicated birth.

No matter what your circumstances or your plans for birth, GentleBirth has you covered." 

-Tracy Donegan, GentleBirth Founder

About Tracy

Tracy Donegan is a midwife, mom, author and international speaker on positive birth. For over 12 years the award winning GentleBirth program has empowered parents around the world to prepare for the best birth possible.

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Preparing for Birth With Brain Science

  • Promotes psychological wellbeing using NeuroScience

  • Mindfulness training allows parents to grow parts of the brain (cortical thickening) associated with executive functioning and decision making,

  • Reduce the ‘real estate’ of the brain associated with fear and anxiety.

The Childbirth Education Masterclass Benefits


Physical Benefits

  • Preparing for a Positive Birth

  • Signs & Stages of Labor

  • Positions for Labor & Birth

  • Birth Partner Tips

  • Breast Feeding 

  • Acupuncture for Labor


Mental Benefits

  • Feel prepared for birth

  • Medication and Pain Management

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Mindfulness


Overall Health Benefits

  • Sport Psychology & Mindset

  • Decision Making

  • Brain Science

  • Immediate Post Partum

Imagine your baby enjoying life with you. All because of a good start.

See yourself appreciating how your bundle of joy is thriving, healthy, and happy. See yourself cherishing, forever, the moment you met each other for the first time, after working hard together. See yourself strong and succeeding as a mom, just because you decided to stay active and give your baby the best start possible.

An upright labor position leads to a

quicker delivery.


Modern birth practices promote horizontal positions during labor. This works against gravity, which makes contractions less effective, causing longer labor, greater pain, more interventions, and higher risks for a C-Section.


Increasing evidence shows that upright labor positions such as kneeling, squatting, or standing help reduce the risks of a c-section by 25%. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends encouraging women at low risk to adopt the birth position of their choice, including vertical postures.


For centuries, women used to give birth in these positions,
with the use of ropes and trees to get support. Indigenous women all over the world still have their babies this way. The Birth Sling is a new take on this ancient birth tool, helping you gain comfort, strength, and stability, contributing to an easier and faster labor.

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